Friday, November 30, 2007

A Quarter Century of PEPS

As seasoned parents know, one tried and true way of dealing with parenting anxiety is to have a supportive network with whom you can share your parenting joys, frustrations, questions, and concerns. In Seattle, we are fortunate to have the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS) do the organizational heavy lifting for us. PEPS connects parents of similarly-aged babies within a neighborhood with a facilitator who guides them in discussions of couples' issues, post-partum mood disorders, returning to work, sleep, and the like. The PEPS model could certainly be replicated by some well-connected and enthusiastic parents in other cities and towns, as well.

For those in Seattle who want to show their support for PEPS and the work it does on behalf of parents, mark your calendar for the 25th Anniversary Luncheon on Tues. April 29, 2008. Speaking at the event will be newscaster Jean Enersen and author of the "Arthur" series Marc Brown.

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