Thursday, November 8, 2007

Great Postpartum Web Resource

All right, so, I'm on the Board of Postpartum Support International of Washington, but I had nothing to do with the awesome revamping of the Web site, so when I say it really is worth checking out, I say it with only the slightest hint of bias. Truly, the fabulous women of PSI have put together a comprehensive list of books, articles, and resources that will be useful to postpartum parents and their beloveds regardless of their geographic location. Even better, if you'd like to support PSI of WA's mission, clicking on any of the recommended books will route you to Amazon where a portion of your purchase will go directly to PSI of WA. (Okay, that last part smacked of Board Member bias/promotion), but really please help spread the word that help for parents is out there!

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